Futuristic Olympic Games: Madrid 20.020 and the intrusion

Today we were reading the press, and we saw an article in the ABC newspaper in which they talked about a possible…


Athletes and their most famous logotypes

As we commented in another article, an ambit in which the graphic and logo design is very important is the sport. If we…

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Post on Instagram from the computer: how?

Have you ever wanted to post on Instagram, but you were in the computer and you couldn’t do it without picking your…


Motoring companies and overloaded logotypes

In today’s article, and continuing with the last article’s topic, we’re going to talk about logotypes. But this time,…


Juventus and its controversial logo

Today, in Crece Agency we want to talk about logotypes, and more specifically about sport logotypes.


Uppercase & Lowercase (Experimental font)

As you know, in Crece Agency we’re fanatics of creating and transforming typographies. Today we’re going to present a…


Vowel typography (Experimental font)

A project we’re very proud of here in Crece Agency, and which we’re going to talk about in this article, is the…

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Welcome to Crece Agency!

Crece Agency is a new communication agency located in Tiana (Barcelona). The agency was originally a design studio…