The 8th of March is the International Women’s Day and many brands use creativity as a claiming strength. It’s a day on which we can unleash that muscle of our head to claim, more or less gracelly the women’s rights. From individuals to collectives including brands, everyone wants to shout to the four winds the inconditional support to the struggle for equality. Because of that, we wanted to collect some of the best campaigns made for the celebration of the International Women’s Day, and we think they could leave no one indifferent. 

#1 Imagine The Possibilities | Barbie (2008)

Although it’s a little old, this campaign is still fresh. Under the slogan You can be anything, Barbie shows us the power of educating on equality to achieve it in the future.


#2 Mujer tendrías que ser | Suzuki (2017)

Figures. What better way to show the fake statement vox populi of “You had to be a woman…” than showing real statistics taken from the DGT, the INE and the TNS. 

Suzuki changes the sentence and the recipient to: “You should be a woman!” (in Spanish both sentences are pretty similar, only changing the verb from “tenías” to “tendrías”).


#3 Fearless Girl | McCann partnered with State Street Global Advisors (2017)

Last year, the 8th of March, Wall Street woke up with a statue of a little girl fighting the famous bull. Under the motto Because companies with women in leadership perform better, they want to educate about the importance of gender equality in executive positions.

From Crece Agency we didn’t want to miss the potential of creativity which covers this day and we invite you to leave your comments about the importance of yielding the absolute spotlight to this cause and keep the egotism out, something that brands often forget. And if you want, you can also check some of our work.