Welcome to Crece Agency!

Crece Agency is a new communication agency placed in Tiana, Barcelona. Originally, it was a graphic design studio (Ciscu Design) that over time has been evolving to an agency which offers a wider service in the communication ambit.

In Crece Agency we’re specialists in elaborations of corporate identities and branding. That is to say, we create and advise about the whole graphic and conceptual universe that revolves around the brand or enterprise: names, logotypes, claims, and all kind of applications and designs (posters, cards, catalogues, magazines, flyers…) the client might need.

Besides, in the agency we also handle the online content marketing: we manage the social networks and the organic web positioning of our clients with the SEO (which works through the web and the SN, with the use of keywords and online content generation which optimise the search and ease their presence in the search engines). On the other hand, we also offer SEM services (i.e. the paid-advertising management on the Internet, spread via two channels: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. With that, the enterprises are advertised in the two sites in exchange of an economic cost per click).

In the end, we could summarize our labour in two big branches: firstly, we help improving or creating from scratch the corporate basis of the businesses with the graphic and web design, and once it’s already settled and it’s optimal enough, we promote it with all the online marketing tools that we control.
During our professional trajectory, we’ve had the opportunity to work for clients of many different ambits, like the MotoGP riders Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Màrquez, the FC Barcelona, the Athletic Club de Bilbao and even the singer Dyango.

In terms of our philosophy, if we had to sum up Crece in two words, would be these: sustainable design. This concept includes the values we identify ourselves with: from Crece, we defend a careful design, based on listening to our clients so we can find and meet their needs in a precise and effective way. Symbolically, and continuing with the sustainability, we relate the agency and its job with the idea of plant, because both must have a solid basis where to grow, and they start with a little seed that, with cares and constancy, end up germinating and bearing fruit. We think that our mission is very clear: accompany the clients in their journey and become their design and communication company.

So… do we help you to grow?