As you know, in Crece Agency we’re fanatics of creating and transforming typographies. Today we’re going to present a new experimental typography of our invention: The Uppercase & Lowercase.

It’s a very simple typography. Basically, it consists of unifying the upper part of a type in lowercase with its lower part in uppercase, thus creating very exotic, but legible and visually pleasant letters.


It’s a serif, very blunt typography, so it can be filled with backgrounds, textures and varied images to give it even more style and personality. Nevertheless, given its mathematical precision and its peculiar shape, it’s very difficult to reproduce it by hand, because it’s created with the copy and union of computer types.

Contrary to other typographies like the Vowel Typography that we presented in the past article, whose principal aim was coding messages and simplifying the writing, the purpose of this typography is the aesthetic generated by a font non-existent up to now, created with the restructuration of a typography which existed (the Museo 500, work of the well-known Dutch designer exljbris).

At the same time, a linguistic rule as important as the use of capital and small letters is trivialised, blurring the line which separate them and breaking with the schemes, because the hierarchy between letters isn’t respected anymore if they’re all conceived in an equal way. It’s, therefore, a quite breakthrough and innovative typography.

In our opinion, this typography is ideal to create logotypes with a lot of personality and elegance, because it’s graphically refined and simple, and it allows to go outside the framework without leaving the functionality. However, if you’re a fussy person and you’re nervous when something doesn’t fit, we don’t recommend it to you, because it’s as precise as inexact.

Besides, this font has had its repercussion in the digital world, appearing in some blogs and magazines, among them Isopixel, written by Raúl Ramírez. You can read the article here.
Thus, we leave you some images so you can see the diversity of backgrounds that can be used and some example words.