Greetings, typographers! We know that many of you found us through the typographic games blog. That’s why we bring you a new updated compilation for the year 2024, so you can dive in and spend some entertaining time while learning about typography. 

You might think that typographic games could be boring, but believe us, they don’t have to be! Try one and see how you get hooked. 

In this blog, you’ll find 7 typographic games, some completely new and others updated from the original blog, so you can continue playing without any issues. 

Shape Type

Typographic games

Starting with a game you probably already know, called Shape Type. It involves reconstructing letters in different typefaces to perfect the shape by adjusting the silhouette. The goal is to refine the curves as much as possible until you consider them perfect. Will you be able to achieve a figure with 100% similarity? 


Kern Type 

Typographic games

Are you still developing your graphic skills? This game will help you become a professional in no time! You’ll need to adjust the spacing so that it’s perfectly aligned. If you manage it, you’ll get the highest score and be one step closer to becoming a great designer. But be careful, the typography changes at each level, so don’t get too comfortable! 


Font Game 

Typographic games

The Font Game might be familiar to you from the first typography blog, but here we have it updated for 2024, so you can enjoy it without any issues. It’s a Trivial Pursuit-style game that presents the word “fargo” in different typefaces, and you must figure out which of the options presented is correct. Ideal for learning the names of the fonts and becoming a master of typography. 

Helvarialquiz: Arial VS Helvetica 

Typographic games

Helvarialquiz is a typography game similar to the Font Game but focuses exclusively on two types of fonts: Arial and Helvetica. The challenge is to recognize if you can really differentiate them when presented with real brand logos written in both types of letters. As you’ll discover, it’s not as easy as it seems. 



Typographic games

Another identification game is Typewar. Here, you must recognize the typeface among two options to accumulate points. But be careful: just as you gain points for getting it right, you also lose them for failing. You’ll get more points for correctly answering a difficult question than an easy one. Be careful, it’s harder than it looks! 


Shoot the Serif 

Typographic games

Continuing with the typographic game I Shot the Serif, which, as its name suggests, involves shooting all the “Sans-Serif” typography letters in the shortest time possible. With various levels adapted to your skill, you can start with whichever you prefer, but we warn you: you’ll get hooked! 



Typographic games

Adjusting the space between characters, known as kerning, can be a real challenge for typographers. Ragtime tests you by giving you just 60 seconds to perfectly adjust the paragraph. We know it’s quite a challenge, but we trust you can achieve it with patience! 


With this latest update of typographic games, you’re guaranteed to have entertainment. As designers, we’re very passionate about this and believe that, besides having fun, you’ll find these games educational. Do you know any other typographic games? 

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments!