2017 is about to end, leaving behind a lot of experiences and many other things. In the world of designers we don’t need to celebrate New Year’s Eve to know that the year has changed, because we have a more colourful way to do it: the year changes with the Pantone Color of the Year.

If you’re followers of our social media, you’ll already know that some time ago we made a post showing you the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year: the Greenery 15-0343. Casually, and as we commented, this is the corporate color of Crece. It seems very curious that the same year our agency has set off, Pantone has honored us like that. Therefore, we bought a mug of this color and we have it exposed in our office. We’re graphic design geeks!

With that, we’ve thought the best way to wish you a good start of the year is showing you the 2018 Color of the Year: the Ultra Violet 18-3838. This color, according to the Pantone website, has been chosen for its semantic strength. The Ultra Violet is defined as a provocative and sensible color, which keeps an aura of mystery because of its relation with cosmos and night sky. It symbolizes the will to go beyond, to explore new worlds and possibilities and, in short, illuminate the path of what will come, the future.

At the same time, the purple tones allude to the creative inspiration, the artistic expression, and the counterculture. This is very clear in great art figures like the musician Prince with his Purple Rain, or David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, all of them good examples of experimenting and breaking the rules, going against the flow, and leaving an overstimulated and conventional society through purple tones which leave a unique mark in the world.


Pantones pasados

Maybe you’re wondering: why a Color of the Year? The Pantone Color Institute vicepresident Laurie Pressman says that the process has become something more important than describing design trends; now it consists of describing the needs of our world.

So, the color selection each year isn’t something random. It follows both graphic trends criteria and deep sociological parameters. The Greenery 15-0343, for example, symbolises the new beginnings, the exuberance and vigor of nature and the distance from urban values, to reconnect with the natural world and the origins. As you see, the color is very appropriate to Crece and its enterprise philosophy.

The Pantone Color Institute is a consultant Pantone division which takes care of studying the global chromatic trends and advising enterprises about the presence of color in their products and brand identity. So, it partners with big brands to guide them in the evolutive process of their graphic identity.

And now that you already know what Pantone Color of the Year is about, we want that 2019 comes so we can tell you more things about that year color. But first, we have to enjoy a 2018 full of surprises and communication. The Crece team wishes you a Happy New Year, and our only resolution for 2018 is keep growing with our clients.