Our Services

In this section, we detail all the services that Crece Agency offers to his clients. As you can see, the agency has a wide variety of services, so that any client or enterprise can meet their needs in corporate communication effectively, and can do it with a single agency that centralises them all.


We are specialists in the corporate identity elaboration. We advise our clients about any aspect of the brand (naming, logotypes, philosophy, claims, visual aspect…), always from their point of view and in line with their ideas, to build the brand and its identity in a collaborative and effective way.

Graphic design + applications

Another of our strengths is the graphic design, both logotypes/visual identities and all the graphic applications that the clients might need: cards, flyers, menus, merchandising… These designs will always be available and detailed in corporate graphic manuals.

Web development

The agency also takes charge of the design and development of the clients’ websites and blogs. We work with many CMS tools like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, and we also create online shops with plugins and servers like Woocommerce and Prestashop. All of them allow to elaborate corporate websites of all kinds (sophisticated, simple, aesthetical, functional…) according to the specific needs of the client.

Social Network Management + SEO

In Crece we believe the digital world is vital for an enterprise or a brand to succeed. Because of that, we also offer online marketing services from the SEO (i.e. the elaboration and management of online content by keywords and strategies in order to obtain visibility in search engines like Google). Besides, we do the community manager function, so we take charge of the publications and updates of the clients’ social networks according to their personality and their related topics to get more digital relevance.

SEM Advertising

Finally, in Crece we also handle the paid advertising management, basically from two online-ad platforms: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Opposed to the SEO, the SEM works through the “purchase” of advertising spaces on the Internet, in a similar way to the classic advertising system, with which the clients ensure their presence in the two platforms in exchange of an economic cost per click.