Miquel Antoja

Crece Agency has also collaborated with Miquel Antoja, from Badalona. He’s a chef and Instagrammer who started creating his own brand in 2015, when he was the head chef in the “Sant Pau” restaurant, owned by Carme Ruscalleda. For Miquel, we wanted to create a very conceptual identity, which went beyond a simple logotype. We created a graphic discourse that was the signature of his work. To endow his work with identity, we analysed the differences between a good and a bad meal, and the answer was as simple as that: if the food catches your attention you’ll want to taste it; from here, we came up with the idea of the bite, which became his signature. A signature that got on perfectly with Miquel’s personality, since he’s a very extrovert and close person.

ClienteMiquel AntojaAño2015

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