Monty is an enterprise specialist in the cycling world, created by Pere Pi, an ex-rider of trial. Because of that, the brand is specialised in bicycles, components, accessories, equipment… All that has to do with bikes can be found in Monty, although they are specialised on trial.

From Crece we’ve had the luck to help this popular sport brand to elaborate their physical catalogue, in which there are several things displayed: pictures of their bikes separated in categories, technical information, trial professionals’ photos… This catalogue can be used by the brand in several occasions. For example, it can be used as a showcase for distributors in sport fairs.

The catalogue is designed to be as attractive as possible for potential clients. It’s aesthetically elegant and simple, making the visual identity of the brand protagonist in all the design. For example, the die-cut logo is placed in the cover, and colour lines with the same angle as the M of Monty in the pages. Besides, it is tried that these colour lines are guides for the reader when it comes to the different categories of bikes the brand has: orange for trial, green for electric bikes, red for kids…

To sum up, with this catalogue we wanted that Monty had an aesthetic, functional and efficient tool to promote their products and give more information to possible future distributors. At the same time, we also wanted to transmit the message that Monty is a historical bike brand, with some values, social responsibility and also a technology with no equal.

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