Tirati Tiriti

Tirati Tiriti is a Mediterranean and Italian style restaurant located in the centre of Tiana, in front of the town hall.

For this client, Crece Agency created the entire graphic image of the restaurant. We came up with the naming of the business, its logo and the brand colours. Then, we defined its entire image in a corporate identity manual and designed all the graphic applications (business cards, food and wine menus, vinyls, posters…), as well as the merchandising.

For the logo, we wanted to create a symbol that had a story behind it to give it a meaning of its own that would bring differential value to the brand. The restaurant owner’s grandfather was a swimmer, and when it was cold in winter and it was difficult for him to dive into the water, his mates used to shout “Tira-t’hi!”, which in Catalan means “Jump in!” This is how he got the nickname Tiriti. All the I’s in the logo represent people who have already jumped into the water, except for the last one, Tiriti, who is still standing.

ClienteTirati TiritiAño2012-2017

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