As we commented in another article, an ambit in which the graphic and logo design is very important is the sport. If we saw sport teams’ logos, today it’s the turn of the athletes themselves.

Some time ago, in Ciscu Design we elaborated an entry in Domestika asking the internauts about their opinion in some worldwide-known athletes’ logos: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer… Our main goal was generating a little debate around the topic, and seeing what logo was more successful among the people.

The post was quite successful, and something that pleased us a lot, was that Brandemia took and expanded our article and, from it, made an analysis about 42 logos of great athletes, explaining who the logo represented, why it had been created and who had designed it.

The most interesting of all was that Modesto García, author of the article, considered in the analysis the Jorge Lorenzo’s logo created by Ciscu Design, which can be seen in the section of our works. It was a pride to be able to appear in this way in one of the most relevant branding websites in Spain.

Then, it occurred to us that it would be interesting to make an image which collected all the logos, so we vectorised them one by one and we unified them in a poster design that Brandemia also published and that you can download.

We want to finish with a reflection. We believe the fact that there’s discussion about which athlete logo is better, ends up leading to a discussion about the athletes themselves. With that, we can see how important is to have a correct graphic identity in a such a graphic world as the present, and how connected the images which represent us are with our identity and popularity in front of the others.

We propose you a game: ¿do you think you can guess the athlete of each logotype? (If you are stucked, in the poster you can find the answers).